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AFN Sports 2 New Frequency on Eutelsat 9B 9.0° East

AFN Sports 2 New Frequency on Eutelsat 9B 9.0° East

AFN Family/AFN Pulse. AFN Family is a general entertainment channel providing programming for children ages 2 to 17. Although the name of the channel suggests programming appropriate for all family members at any time, the channel more closely resembles Freeform or Nickelodeon, with programming targeted at specific age groups during the course of the day.

Programming during after school from 3 p.m. local time to 1 a.m. local time targets pre-schoolers but “ages” as older children become available to watch in the late morning and day. By 1 a.m. local time, programming is targeted at older teens. In September 2013, AFN launched a split in Family, which was branded AFN Pulse. About half of the day’s programming remains aimed at the 2-to-13 age group. During primetime hours, the channel becomes AFN Pulse, and showcases programming primarily aimed at the older teen demographic, though it remains suitable for family viewing.
AFN Movie. AFN Movie is a channel showcasing movies as well as film-oriented programming.

AFN Sports. AFN Sports is a rolling-sports channel, providing sports news and events, including ESPN’s SportsCenter and live and delayed broadcasts of the NFL, NBA, NASCAR, MLB, NHL, NCAA college football, men and women’s NCAA college basketball, FIFA soccer and PGA Tour, as well as other highly rated team competitions.

AFN Sports 2. Launched in February 2006, as AFN Xtra. It is AFN’s exclusive home for UFC and WWE programming, including all pay-per-view events, as well as motor sports, including NASCAR, NHRA, Motocross and other auto and motorcycle racing series.
AFN Sports HD. AFN Sports is also now available in digital high definition using the new Cisco D9865 receiver/decoder.

Internet radio
In November 2013, the American Forces Network launched Internet radio streams expanding the reach of the military network’s radio programming overseas.

AFN Sports 2
Eutelsat 9B 9.0° East
11804 – Vertical – 27500 3/4

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