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Best Mobile Phones under PKR 12000 in Pakistan (2023 Updated)

Best Mobile Phones under PKR 12000 in Pakistan (2023 Updated)

The trend of selecting a mobile phone varies from person to person, some like to buy the most expensive one, and some just want to fulfill their mobile need. Most Pakistani people would love to get their hands on an affordable mobile phone with reasonable features. So, today we are making it convenient for you to choose the best option and presenting you with the best smartphones that you can purchase under PKR 12,000/-. Here comes the list of best mobile phones under PKR 12000 in Pakistan.Best Mobile Phones under PKR 12000 in Pakistan

A mobile phone is a holistic word used for different categories of phones, including smartphones and digit phones. I have chosen both types to target the Pakistani audience. Because a large portion of the population in Pakistan consists of people with ages over 40 years. According to my analysis, such people show little interest in high tech smartphones and prefer easy to use mobile phones. Therefore, I am going to mention both categories of mobile phones under PKR 12,000/-. The first list will tell you about Best Smartphones under PKR 12,000. And the latter would be consisting of Best keypad mobile Phones under PKR 12,000.

1) iTel A48:
2) iTel A26:
3) VGO Tel New 7:

Best Featured phones under PKR 12,000:

1) Nokia 110 4G:
2) iTel Magic 2 WiFi:
3) Nokia 225:

The above-mentioned list includes the best mobile phones under PKR 12000. It has been quoted after detailed research. In the smartphone category, my personal preference would be the iTel A26. While from the featured phone category, I would choose Nokia 110 4G. You can tell share your favorite in the comment section.

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