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Canal+ Sport 2 HD New Frequency on Hot Bird 13C 13.0° East

Canal+ Sport 2 HD New Frequency on Hot Bird 13C 13.0° East

Canal+ Sport is a French TV channel devoted to sports programming and is part of the “Les Chaînes Canal+” themed channels of Canal+. History

Canal+ Vert launched on 31 August 1998, on satellite and cable as a programme multicast of Canal+ sports programmes.

As part of the creation of the Canal+ Bouquet (later, “Les Chaînes Canal+” ) the channel changed its name on 1 November 2003 to Canal+ Sport.

On 20 April 2005, Canal+ Sport presented to the CSA to obtain a frequency on TNT. The application having been selected, the CSA assigned a frequency on the multiplex R3 pay DTT issued as early as 21 November 2005.

Since 8 June 2010, it has started to broadcast its programmes in high definition (HD).
Sports Coverage
Association football
In 2008 a high-definition version of the channel, Canal+ Sport HD was launched. It is available via satellite NC+ and various cable platforms. Canal+ Sport HD features Golf, Basketball, Handball, and Soccer amongst other programs.

Canal+ Sport 2 HD
Hot Bird 13C 13.0° East
11258 – Horizontal – 27500 3/4

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