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CINEMAX Started on AsiaSat-7 at 105.5E New TP Frequency 2022

CINEMAX Started on AsiaSat-7 at 105.5E New TP Frequency 2022

AsiaSat-7 @105.5E
TP: 3880 H 27500
Started On NEW TP
Today Latest Update June 11/2022

Cinemax is a Southeast Asian pay television channel part of the HBO Asia network. It features action, thriller, and adult comedy films. Cinemax is headquartered in WarnerMedia Asia office in Singapore.


Cinemax (1996–2009)

Cinemax Asia is the secondary channel of HBO Asia was launched in August 1996, it is a 24-hour movie channel which features movies in horror, suspense, thriller and action. Cinemax Asia features Thriller Cinemax on Thursday, Action Cinemax on Friday while Cinemax Superstars on weekend.

In Malaysia, it was launched on Astro on Channel 18 replacing the ill-fated MGM Gold on 24 August 1998.

Max (2009–2012)

In March 2009, Cinemax Asia was rebranded as “Max Asia” to appeal to male viewers. Max Asia’s logo has been redesigned as well in line with the rebranding. Under registered permission HBO Network, Max Asia became an American movies channel.

Cinemax (2012–present)

Max changes its ident, its yellow background color is replaced by a red color with a more bolder approach to match its American counterpart, with new action and thriller movies and is now a competitor to Fox Action Movies.

During October 2021, Cinemax Asia featured horror films in a Maximum Horror promotion.

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