CRO TV HD Working Frequency on EutelSat-16A

CRO TV HD Frequency on EutelSat-16A @16.0East Good Working Feed Kode New TP Frequency Today 2021

EutelSat-16A @16.0E
New TP: 11638 H 30000
MPEG4/HD/FTA Started
Today Latest Update Frequency September 2021

Cro is an American animated television series produced by the Children’s Television Workshop and Film Roman. It debuted on September 18, 1993 as part of the Saturday morning line-up for fall 1993 on ABC.Cro lasted 2 seasons and ran in reruns through summer 1995. The show had an educational theme (this was before federal educational/informational mandates took effect in 1996), introducing basic concepts of physics, mechanical engineering, and technology.

The premise of using woolly mammoths as a teaching tool for the principles of technology was inspired by David Macaulay’s The Way Things Work; Macaulay is credited as writer on the show. The series finale, “They Move Mammoths, Don’t They?” aired on October 22, 1994. The show was released on video (VHS) in a total of nine volumes.


A scientist named Dr. C and her assistant Mike travel to the Arctic to study artifacts and find a frozen woolly mammoth named Phil. They thaw him out and are surprised to find that he can speak. Whenever a situation in modern times involves physics principles, Phil remembers when a similar event occurred long ago in the prehistoric valley of Woollyville with his fellow mammoths and his Cro-Magnon friend Cro, who lived with a family of Neanderthals. Each episode features Phil narrating how a problem was resolved through simple engineering.

The show’s (and lead character’s) name is an Occitan word for “cave”; it alludes to Cro-Magnon, the location in France where the earliest anatomically modern humans were first discovered.



  • Cro (voiced by Max Casella) – A fully evolved, 11-year-old Cro-Magnon boy who was adopted by a tribe of Neanderthals. He was a somewhat scrawny and yet still rather muscular young Cro-Magnon boy with long, shaggy, red hair and wore a yellow armband on one arm. Most of the Neanderthals that he lives with are jealous of his intelligence. Unlike the rest of the tribe, Cro speaks in complete sentences.
  • Ogg (voiced by Jim Cummings) – The selfish, bossy leader of Cro’s adoptive Neanderthal tribe. He is difficult to get along with but easily frightened by danger.
  • Gogg (voiced by Frank Welker) – A sensitive Neanderthal who sticks up for Bobb and mostly translates for him, even though Nandy and Ogg do occasionally.
  • Bobb (voiced by Frank Welker) – Another adopted member of the Neanderthal tribe and the least evolved of the tribe, resembling a homo habilis. He does not speak like the rest of the Neanderthals, but makes ape-like noises which Gogg usually translates. When Bobb was younger, he was in a different tribe made up of similar homo habilis. The tribe took a nap and Bobb woke up to find the whole tribe had vanished without a trace, creating a fear of loneliness until the Neanderthals found him.
  • Nandy (voiced by Ruth Buzzi) – The matriarch of the Neanderthal tribe who is noted for her urban legends. Some of her legends include the legend of “Big Thing” and a monster called “Big Skinny Thing with Many, Many Legs.” She gets into arguments with Ogg and usually wins as she is fully aware of Ogg’s own fears. Nandy is very overprotective of Cro and motherly around everyone else.

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