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GS TV New Frequency on Eutelsat 7A

GS TV New Frequency on Eutelsat 7A

Galatasaray TV (GSTV) is a channel of Turkish company Galatasaray S.K. The daily programs of this TV include live games (basketball, volleyball, water polo, equestrian, youth football teams, rowing and sailing) and learning cultural roots of Galatasaray (Galatasaray Lycée—Galatasaray Lisesi, Galatasaray Université—Galatasaray Üniversitesi, history of Galatasaray).

The channel first launched in January 2006 over satellite, now digital cable services are activated. Live transmissions

Galatasaray TV has a studio at Galatasaray’s Türk Telekom Arena. Live transmissions happen on a weekly basis in the form of Matchnight Live and Live From Türk Telekom Arena. On 17 August 2010, GSTV announced that 3G Live Programs started.[1] Fans are welcome to telephone into these shows for phone-in discussions. Also, most of the games played by clubs basketball and volleyball teams broadcast live.

The channel features:

Replays of every Galatasaray SK match in all competitions, including post match coverage & analysis
Exclusive interviews with staff and players
Live news program
Pre-match coverage of all Galatasaray games
Live coverage of Galatasaray Reserves and first-team friendly matches
Highlights of Galatasaray Football Academy and Galatasaray Basketball and Volleyball matches
Galatasaray-related news
Highlights of classic matches
Documentaries based on the club’s history

Programs in Turkish

Başkan’ın Ajandası – President’s speech(weekly)
Big Chief Tomas – Tomas Ujfalusi
Gerçekleri Tarih Yazar – Documentary
Aslan Yolu – Documentary
Sarı mı Kırmızı mı – Contest
Galatasaray’da Store Saati – GS Store, Veteran Players
5. Periyot – Basketball
24 Saniye – Basketball
Filenin Yıldızları – Volleyball
Avrupa’dan Futbol – European Football
Fotoğrafların Dünyası
Ünlüler Geçidi – Magazine


Onların Dünyası – Magazine
Yorum Farkı – Cross Talk
Muhabir Kulisi – Press & Journalist
Mekteb-i Sultani – Lycee de Galatasaray time
Günaydın Cimbom – Morning program
Ana Haber – News
İyi Geceler Cimbom – Haber & Aktüalite – News & current events
Parçalı Sevda – Supporters
Serem’in Günlüğü
On Numara
Aslan Yuvası – Youth Teams
Merak Edilenler
Spor Kafe – Magazine


Burcu Baber
Can Erbesler
Melisa Çizmeci
Veli Yiğit
Kaan Karacan
Ceren Aytemiz
Cansu Şimşek
Nazlı Öztürk
Serem Tan
Abdullah Şanlı
Kerem Canbulat
Can Karadeniz
Murat Türker
Tuna Bayık
Elif Kartal
Murat Borlu
Başak Koç
Sertaç Karakuş

Eutelsat 7A 7.0° East
11679 – Horizontal – 30000 3/4

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