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Kameme TV New Frequency on EutelSat-10A 2023

Kameme TV New Frequency on EutelSat-10A 2023

K24 TV, is a TV station in Kenya established in 2007, and launched on February 4, 2008. K24 was the first Kenyan television station to stream live on the internet,[1] giving diaspora viewers a taste of real Kenyan stories told in real time.

K24 Kenya receives 3.1 watchime (hours) per week. It is powered by Mediamax Network Ltd which was established in 2009 and now happens to be one of the fastest growing media houses in Kenya. It’s the group that houses K24 TV, vernacular station Kameme FM, free newspaper People Daily[2] and several radio stations, namely: Kameme FM, Mayian FM, Emoo Fm, Meru FM and Msenangu FM

Kameme TV
EutelSat-10A @10.0E
FREQ: 3650 R/H 26170
MPEG4/SD/FTA Started

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