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KARAMESH TV New Frequency on NileSat-201 @7.0W 2022

KARAMESH TV New Frequency on NileSat-201 @7.0W 2022

NileSat-201 @7.0W
FREQ: 11642 H 27500
MPEG2/SD/FTA Started
Today Here New Update 2022

Karamish is a children’s chant channel. It began broadcasting on February 15, 2009 from Jordan and included some singers such as Moussa Mustafa, Mujahid Hisham, Ahmed Al-Mansoori, Muhammad Adawi, Abdul Qader Sabahi and others.
Karamish presented a lot of clips at the beginning, such as Baba Adalanji .. Nam Nam Yalla Nam .. In addition to presenting several cartoons and some handicrafts, cultural information and social advice such as maintaining hygiene and others, as well as religious lessons such as food etiquette.
Karamish channel became famous in the Arab countries for its programs with educational topics, such as the presentation of Tayyib Leh You Make Fire (Amal Qatami), the greedy (Musa Mustafa), the cheater (Bushra Awad + Mujahid Hisham) and many other topics.

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