MAGIC TV Started on AstraSat-2G at 28.2E New TP Frequency 2021

MAGIC TV Started on AstraSat-2G at 28.2E New TP Frequency 2021

AstraSat-2G @28.2E
FREQ: 11265 H 27500
MPEG2/SD/FTA Started
Today Latest Update October 30/10/2021

Magic is a British music television channel owned by The Box Plus Network. It plays mainly easy listening music videos and is based on the Magic radio station owned by Bauer Radio. Like some other Box Television music television channels under Bauer’s brand, Magic operated a jukebox service where viewers were able to request videos to be played via a premium-rate telephone number.

The channel is part of a network of channels owned by The Box Plus Network (formerly Box Television) which include 4Music, Kerrang! TV, Box Hits, The Box, and Kiss. On 2 April 2013, all Box Television channels went free-to-air on satellite, apart from 4Music which went free-to-view.As a result, the channels were removed from the Sky EPG in Ireland. However, Magic was launched on Freesat on 29 April 2013, alongside Heat, following the addition of four other Box Television channels on 15 April.

Magic mainly focuses on music from the 1970s to now.

From 27 September 2021 to 20 October 2021, Magic broadcast a simulcast of The Box after the activation of a fire suppressant system at the premises of Red Bee Media on 25 September 2021. Magic TV was restored on 21 October 2021.

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