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Marvel Snap Gets $30 million Revenue from 14 million Downloads

Marvel Snap Gets $30 million Revenue from 14 million Downloads

Marvel Snap launched worldwide in October 2022. Now, Marvel Snap earned US $30 million in revenue from 14 million downloads globally. The game was first soft-launched in New Zealand and Australia in July 2022. Then it was released in the United States, Europe and Asia.Downloads

Appmagic data shared by has revealed Marvel Snap now earns around US $392,000 per day. The players are spending big on Season Pass content and unique card art variants. While cards can be earned through the game’s progression system by completing challenges and upgrading cards. The players can purchase bundles and cosmetic variants for a fee.

Many of these variants are provided by iconic Marvel comic artists. Essentially, the game translates the real-life hobby of card-collecting to a digital format, tempting players with chibi, manga, shiny, pixel, and cartoon interpretations of their favourite characters.Advertisement

Just like other games, it’s not necessary to purchase these items to succeed. The game earned US $30 million with a solid three months of success buoyed by an active social community, and positive critical reception.

According to the report, the game is continuing to grow, week on week, with around 182,000 downloads recorded on average, per day. The popularity of the Marvel brand is also likely contributing to revenue and download growth.

On the other hand, Marvel Snap introduces new features, cards, and collectables. It’s fast becoming one of the biggest recent successes of the mobile games market, with a high-spirited fanbase contributing to its rise.

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