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MTV 80s New Frequency on Es’hail-2 @ 26.0°E

MTV 80s New Frequency on Es’hail-2 @ 26.0°E

MTV 80s is a worldwide music channel, which began broadcasting on October 5, 2020. MTV 80s features music videos from the 1980s. MTV 80s has replaced VH1 Classic. History
Before launch

On November 30, 2004, VH1 Classic Europe featured a program with 1980s music videos, “So 80s”, after the launch of this channel. Since December 2005, VH1 Classic Europe featured thematic programs with clips from the 1980s:

The 80s Alternative – Alternative and obscure videos from the 1980s.
The 80s Chilled – Laid back music from the 1980s.
The 80s Danced – Dance music from the 1980s.
The 80s Partied – Disco, funk and party music from the 1980s.
The 80s Popped – Pop music from the 1980s.
The 80s Rocked – Rock music from the 1980s.
The 80s Years – A selection of music videos from one particular year of the 1980s.

On September 4, 2006, “So 80s” was renamed to “We Are The 80s”. In 2007, VH1 Classic Europe started broadcasting a morning program with 80s music videos – “The 80s At 8” – from 08:00 to 09:00 CET. On July 1, 2012, VH1 Classic Europe cancelled all of these programs. In April 2015, VH1 Classic Europe started a marathon of 80s music videos – “Nothing But The 80s”, which was released every three weeks – on weekends. On January 8, 2018, another program appeared on VH1 Classic Europe – “80s Boys vs 80s Girls”. At the end of June 2018, on VH1 Classic Europe discontinued “80s Boys vs 80s Girls”, and in September of this year, “Nothing But The 80s” was also cancelled. In April 2020, VH1 Classic Europe cancelled “We Are The 80s”, in connection with the move of MTV 80s to the frequency of this channel, which was previously broadcast on MTV Classic UK.
Pop-up channel and launch

From February 28 to March 31, 2020, MTV 80s was broadcast for one month as a themed alternative to its host channel, MTV Classic UK, but was not planned as a full-time replacement. From June 31, 2020, until October 5, 2020, VH1 Classic Europe broadcast a block of MTV 80s programming from midnight until midday as a test bed for what would eventually become the permanent replacement to VH1 Classic Europe.

Since July 6, 2020, MTV 80s broadcasts in New Zealand around the clock replacing MTV Classic (Australia). On October 5, 2020, from 05:00 CET onwards, MTV 80s started broadcasting full time, replacing VH1 Classic in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. The last video to be broadcast on VH1 Classic Europe was “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen. The first video on MTV 80s channel was “Never Let Me Down Again” by Depeche Mode at 05:00 CET. Captions with the name of the song, album and the executor of music video are stylised in the same way that would have been used in the 1980s.[1] On March 1, 2021, MTV 80s expanded its broadcast area to the Middle East and North Africa through beIN Network.
Other versions

As part of restructuring at Paramount Global UK & Australia, MTV 80s replaced MTV Classic in the UK from 6am on March 31, 2022.
The format

Since its launch, MTV 80s has been broadcasting in the format of the British music channel Now 80s. Unlike Now 80s, MTV 80s doesn’t broadcast any announcements nor commercial advertising.

MTV 80s uses the same equipment become outdated for broadcasting of programs, as the former VH1 Classic had. It is the only MTV channel which broadcasts in the 4:3 format.
Regular programming

…So 80s!
Non-Stop 80s Hits!
Gold! Greatest Hits Of The 80s
Forever 80s!

Daily specials

80s Power Ballad Heaven!
Electric 80s!
Greatest 80s Rock: Play it Loud!
I Want My MTV 80s!
Pump Up The 80s Party!
The Power of 80s Love!
Who’s That 80s Girl?
Wild Boys Of The 80s!
Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya! 80s Dance Party

Top 50

80s Classics That Made MTV!
at the Movies!
Best 80s Debuts!
Boys vs Girls of the 80s!
Feelgood 80s Anthems!
Global No. 1s of the 80s!
Greatest Voices of the 80s!
Lessons in 80s Love!
No Solo: Only 80s Groups!
Super 80s Pops Hits!
Unforgettable 80s Music Videos!
Hits Of 1980!
Hits Of 1981!
Hits Of 1982!
Hits Of 1983!
Hits Of 1984!
Hits Of 1985!
Hits Of 1986!
Hits Of 1987!
Hits Of 1988!
Hits Of 1989!
1980 vs. 1981!
1982 vs. 1986!
1983 vs. 1987!
1984 vs. 1988!
1985 vs. 1989!
Biggest Euro Hits of the 80s!
Videos That Made the Decade!
MTV VMA’s Hall Of 80s Fame!
Rhythm Is Gonna Get Ya! 80s
Dance Dance Dance! 50 Best Moves Of the 80s!
Happy Hits Of the 80s!
80s R&B: Top Hits! 50
The Final 80s Rockdown!
Alternative 80s!
Boys Boys Boys: 50 Pop Hits!

Yearly events
Women’s Day

Non-Stop 80s Wonder Women!
I Want My MTV 80s Wonder Women!
Forever 80s Girls!
80s Women Rock: Play it Loud!

Europe Day

Biggest Euro Hits of the 80s!
Pump Up the Euro Pop Party!

Men’s Day

Non-Stop 80s Men!
I Want My MTV 80s Men!
Forever 80s Boys!
80s Men Rock: Play it Loud!

New Year

Happy New Year From MTV 80s!
Pump Up The New Year Party!
It’s An 80s New Year’s Party!


Eddie Van Halen: A Tribute


80s Legends!
80s Pop Anthems!
Best 80s Debut Hits!
Iconic 80s Videos That Made MTV!
MTV 80s Top 50
40 MTV 80s
MTV 80s At The Movies!
Super 80s Pop Hits!
MTV’s Sounds Of (1980-1989)

MTV 80s
Frequency MHz 10890
Polarization Horizontal
Symbol Rate 27500
FEC 2/3
Transmission DVB-S2
Modulation 8PSK

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