NTV PLUS HD Started on ApStar-7 at 76.5E New TP Frequency 2021

NTV PLUS HD Started on ApStar-7 at 76.5E New TP Frequency 2021

ApStar-7 @76.5E
FREQ: 3710 H 4166
FREQ: 3705 H 4166
MPEG4/HD/FTA Started
Today Latest Update November 9/11/2021

NTV Plus (Russian: НТВ Плюс) is the brand name for the Russian digital satellite television service from NTV, transmitted from Eutelsat’s W4 satellite at 36.0°E and from Bonum 1 at 56.0°E. Previously a part of Vladimir Gusinsky’s media empire (Media Most holding), now it is included in the Gazprom Media holding.


1996 – First broadcasts of NTV-Plus appeared on September 1, 1996

1997 – Since early in the year the channels were broadcast in encoded form.

1998 – On November 22 NTV-Plus started satellite TV broadcasting.

1999 – In February NTV-Plus switched from an analogue to digital broadcasting system allowing the expansion of the number of channels from five to fifty. In December NTV-Plus started re-broadcasting digital channels in two languages.

2000 – On May 25 another Eutelsat-W4 satellite was put into orbit allowing the expansion of the broadcasting area.

2005 – Beginning of Dolby Digital 5.1 broadcasting

2006 – Broadcasting begins in Ukraine territory

2007 – Broadcasting in HDTV started

2017 – Broadcasting in 4K/UHD started

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