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Phone That Changes Color in Sunlight? vivo V25 5G Review

Phone That Changes Color in Sunlight? vivo V25 5G Review

The youth of today requires a smartphone that can effectively meet its ever-evolving needs owing to its demanding lifestyles. The recently launched vivo V25 5G promises to be the perfect device for users of today who desire this kind of well-balanced device with innovative camera technology, powerful performance, and a smooth experience.We heard many positive comments about the phone, so we decided to get our hands on it and see for ourselves what it was like. Read on to learn what we discovered.

First, the brand seems to have outdone itself when it comes to the design department in terms of the device. It is embellished with stunning and iconic Colour-Changing Glass, enabled by a technology that changes the colour of the smartphone into a new colour when exposed to sunlight.By incorporating the possibility of two colours in one handset, vivo has successfully scaled a new achievement, redefining the meaning of variety and innovation. While the vivo V25 5G makes a bold statement through its colour-changing technology, it also offers a Flat Frame and a Fluorite AG Glass that is fingerprint resistant, ensuring durability along with a minimalist, sophisticated and stylish look. In terms of functionality, these features make a smartphone easy to hold and carry. The other thing which matters the most is the colour variant of the smartphone, which attracts and increases the personality of the smartphone. And the vivo V25 5G comes in Aquamarine Blue and Diamond Black.When it comes to its exceptional performance, the phone is no less impressive. The V25 5G continues to have a 6nm 5G processor D900 along with an Extended RAM 3.0 with an extra 8GB RAM for a seamless user experience, making it the perfect all-arounder smartphone and ideal for everyday use.Due to the longer requirement of phones during busy schedules, many people are concerned about the battery life of their phones. As a result, vivo V25 5G features a 44W Flash Charge, which allows it to charge quickly and efficiently, as well as a 4500mAh battery, which allows users to use their device for a long time. The brand has added new hardware upgrades and advanced features to the V25 5G such as Double Exposure, Dual-View Video, and a 90Hz Ultra Vision Screen that ensures industry-leading performance across all usage scenarios.

Lastly, but by no means least, is the phone’s excellent camera system. The V25 5G has a strong imaging system with a 64MP OIS Ultra-Sensing Rear Camera for users to easily take professional-quality photos. Additionally, the rear camera features Hybrid Image Stabilization, which combines Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) to produce clear videos, even when the camera is shaking, enabling users to record videos with vivid details. The smartphone has a 50MP AF HD Portrait front camera, which offers best-in-class selfie experience and imaging technology.

Additionally, it has an exciting new feature, the Vlog Movie, with multiple built-in video templates for scenarios such as picnic, dining, city trips and travelling. A template is provided for every scenario in order to assist users in getting inspiration and to address the common problem of “I do not know how to shoot a vlog, or how to do it well”. A vlog can be edited and prepared with just one tap. In the age of social media sensations, the V25 5G provides users with the tools necessary to become the next leading social media star.

After using it for quite some time, we have concluded that the vivo V25 5G is evidence of vivo’s continued efforts to offer customers devices that are among the best in their respective industries in terms of a camera module, excellent aesthetics, performance, battery life, and gaming experience. As a smartphone, it is designed to fit your hand perfectly and fulfils the needs of those searching for amazing features at an affordable price.

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