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Qi2 Wireless Charging Will Be A Game Changer For Upcoming Android Phones

Qi2 Wireless Charging Will Be A Game Changer For Upcoming Android Phones

What is Qi2 Wireless charging? It is actually the follow-up to Qi wireless charging that’s present on phones like the iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S22, and Google Pixel 7. Recently, the Wireless Power Consortium introduced the world to Qi2. No doubt, it is a major update to the Qi wireless charging standard. With the all-new Qi2 standard, the WPC aims to solve the technology’s biggest problems including power efficiency & convenience in just one fell swoop. It is expected that the Qi2 Wireless Charging will be a game changer for upcoming Android Phones.Here’s How Apple & Magnets Will Improve Upcoming Android Phones

Reports claim that the next version of Qi aims to be more efficient in part due to magnets that will help position devices in an ideal alignment on charging pads. Let me tell you that the Magnetic Power Profile isn’t exactly the same as MagSafe, so, it is expected to make its way to more devices, including AR or VR headsets. It will also lead to faster charging speeds which will be a win-win feature. If we talk about Qi wireless charging, it caps out at 15W, which is also the max speed for Apple’s MagSafe charging on iPhones. Wireless Power Consortium executive director Paul Struhsaker stated in a press release:Another significant advantage of Qi2 will be the potential for accessories. If we take a look at the number of MagSafe and magnetic accessories currently made for the iPhone, we can see everything including cases, charging stands, tripod mounts, and wallets. In the same way, Android phones that support Qi2 will also get an advantage from a similar range of accessories.

As we all know that Android phones come in all shapes and sizes, so Qi2 and its Magnetic Power Profile are expected to be an equalizer that makes some accessories interchangeable between different phones and even different devices. The point worth mentioning here is that Qi2 offers a level of ubiquity just the same as what USB-C connectors provide. It’s quite tough to tell the difference between a USB-C cable that supports Thunderbolt 3 and one that supports USB 4.Qi2. It is still not known whether Apple will replace MagSafe with Qi2’s Magnetic Power Profile or not. However, it does prove that even rival companies will agree on a standard that benefits us all.

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