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Samsung Galaxy Watch to get microLed Display Next Year

Samsung Galaxy Watch to get microLed Display Next Year

When it comes to the biggest OLED display supplier, the only name that comes to our mind is Samsung. Even the Apple watch series who is the competitor of Samsung also uses Samsung OLED panels. No doubt, it makes it the leader of OlED displays in the market and now in order to secure its leadership, the company is pushing the transition to the next generation display tech. According to the new report, Korean tech giant had setup a team in 2022 to commercialize microLED display for smartwatches.Right now the company is working on premium TVs having microLed Display which is a huge success. It means making commercially available solution for smartwatches is not a big job for the company. microLED panels are superior even to OLEDs in terms of brightness and energy efficiency and in turn offer better sunlight legibility.

The company is currently commercializing premium TVs with micailalbe roLED, it means for smartawatches this tech will take less time to reach. Also, some of the industry experts who have know how of the company plans have revealed that this year the company will launch such watches in market.
However, one thing is for sure, this year’s Galaxy Watches and Apple watches are not going to feature this display so we will have to wait longer.

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