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Sony Announces To Build Metaverse With Manchester City

Sony Announces To Build Metaverse With Manchester City

According to the latest news, Sony and Manchester city are joining together for something big. Do you wanna know about it? Recent Reports claim that Sony has announced building a virtual world that is Metaverse with the soccer club Manchester City. What? Are They building their own Metaverse? Yes, you heard right.Sony & Manchester City To Build Their Own Virtual World

At the CES 2023, the company even stated that ‘the Proof of Concept’ will allow fans to participate in activities at the virtual Etihad Stadium with their own custom avatars. Moreover, the virtual avatars are also seen running around the stadium and the ground, dancing and celebrating in a released official video.

Nami Iwamoto, Sony’s Senior Product Planner said:Moreover, Proof of Concept also boasts virtual recreations of big highlights from multiple angles, like the perspectives of individual players. Sony even captured footage and volumetric data of Manchester City players using seven sensors in order to recreate them digitally for the metaverse.

The point worth mentioning here is that the idea seems to be designed for devices with less specs. The video also shows people using their smartphones to access the virtual world. According to Sony’s press release:A spokesperson Yo Kikuchi has made this announcement that the App will make its way to the fans in 2023. However, the names of countries are still in consideration where it will be released. It is worth notable that the company was already building Metaverse for PlayStation games. So, let us wait and watch what comes next.

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