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The Galaxy Z Fold 5 to get rid of the display crease

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 to get rid of the display crease

Foldablle smartphones comprises of very complex designs since these smartphones need to be bended without any damages. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold is one such complex device and people get very excited when ever a new member joins the family. Since its a foldable device, it not only needs to make sure that it can fold and unfold without any damages. Previously, the initial family member of the device has to bear some cracks and creases, however it seems that the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 will come with new intelligence so we can wave goodbye to damages now.Now some reports circulating on social media reveal that Samsung next foldable device will include a new hinge. This design was patented in 2016 from Samsung however the company didnt use it until now. Seems like it was waiting for correct implementations.

In order to include a hinge, Samsung might include IPX8 water resistance.With this design, the device will be able to completely shut and no gap will be seen between the top and bottom halves of the display when closed.

From the patent, we can see a hinge allowing panel to rest with a waterdrop-shaped bend in its middle while in the closed position. This design is somewhat similar to that found in the Moto Razr foldable device having less stress on the portion of the screen and reducing creasing chances.

While this is what we know so far from the renders and will have to wait for some more months to see how Galaxy Z Fold 5 will actually look like.

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