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Viasat Sport HD New Frequency on SES 5 4.8° East

Viasat Sport HD New Frequency on SES 5 4.8° East

V Sport is the common brand of several sports channels targeting the Nordic countries, owned by Nordic Entertainment Group. The brand has been introduced in June 2020, replacing the former brands Viasat Sport and Viasport (Norway only).

Its main competitors are C More Sport and Eurosport. V Sport Motor is a Swedish motorsport channel that launched on 17 October 2008.

Events broadcast on the channel include Formula One, NASCAR, IndyCar, GP2, WRC, European Rallycross Championship, Formula 1 boat, Offshore Class 1, 24 hours of Nürburgring and MotoGP.

In 2020, the channel’s name was changed from Viasat Motor to V Sport Motor.

Janne Blomqvist (Sweden)
Eje Elgh (Sweden)
Ted Westerfors (Sweden)
Frida Nordstrand (Sweden)
Henka Gustafsson (Sweden)
Hubbe Berg (Sweden)
Johan Stigefeldt (Sweden)
Niklas Jihde (Sweden)
Thomas Nilsson (Sweden)
Tobias Lyon (Sweden)
Atle Gulbrandsen (Norway)
Thomas Schie (Norway)
Henning Isdal (Norway)
Stein Pettersen (Norway)
Stein Rømmerud (Norway)
Dag Steinar Sundby (Norway)

Viasat Sport HD
SES 5 4.8° East
11305 – Horizontal – 30000 3/4

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